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18.05.2015 Information about placement companies in the Industrial Park "Development".

production and office area of the Industrial Park "Development" can accommodate enterprises of small and average business. Terms of accommodation provides for the conclusion of the contract of rent of premises or acquisition of premises in property with the simultaneous conclusion of a management agreement with the Management company of the Industrial Park – LLC "Industrial Park "Development".

15.05.2015 Information about the founders of the Industrial Park "Development".

Management of the Industrial Park "Development" carries out specialized managing company "Industrial Park "Development".

14.05.2015 Overview of private industrial Park

the Main objective of the business project Industrial Park "Development" at St. Deryabina - creation of a complex commercial real estate with good infrastructure and communications, for small and medium industrial enterprises of Izhevsk, which will contribute to economic growth and industry development in the Udmurt Republic.

Achieving this goal, OOO "Industrial Park "Development" carries out by:

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