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Frequently asked questions

Is it advantageous to buy commercial property for rent?

Yes. Choosing the right commercial property, you can become the owner of a profitable rental business.

What is the average cost of office in Izhevsk?

as in Izhevsk a lot of offers of offices, and the price range is quite large. Bet of 200 RUB/sq. m. to 1100 rubles/sq. m. Our rate compares favorably with its efficiency and range of services that includes – the quality of the room, room access, Parking and infrastructure at the facilities.

What is included in the rent for the room?

the rate includes use of space and utilities. In industrial premises and warehouses electricity and heating is paid separately by the meter.

Rental price with VAT or not?

rent per square meter without VAT, purchase and sale of premises with VAT.

Where are You?/Where are your objects?

Our facilities are located in several locations: 1)K. Marksa str., 23a, BC "Bridge", offices and warehouses. Here is the head office of the Management company. Experts of the rental Department are open from 8:30 to 17:30, the rest of the business center operates round the clock and according to the schedule of the Tenant. 2)St. Deryabina 2/65, etc. Deryabina 4, offices, warehouses and industrial premises are practically next door, in the city center. They operate on a pass system to get into them you need to request a pass through the rental Department. 3)Votkinskoe shosse 298 production premises and warehouses of A class, the entrance through the security by agreement or by omission. 4)Novoazhimova 27 – a new shopping and industrial area, is active in building the required objects. The entrance is through managers. 5)Land. Country 56, Volozhka (IH), Gorky str., opposite the residential complex "Colosseum" (IH, Commerce).

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