Частные и государственные технопарки

Private and public parks

Частные и государственные технопарки Частные и государственные технопарки Частные и государственные технопарки Частные и государственные технопарки
Question by "Kommersant.Money" - whether private industrial parks are developing today is better than public, and more interesting to investors/tenants?

Michael V. Romashov, Director of the Industrial Park "Development":

One of the most important factors in the development of the industrial Park becomes the work of a management company. It was her presence and giving residents the different kinds of services that facilitate the production, is the main difference between modern industrial Park old industrial areas, where companies are only forced to coexist with each other. Management companies do not earn on rental properties, and the providing the additional service. For example, in a Park, we create the Center for Collective use of industrial equipment, which will allow residents to use high-tech machines without spending your budget.

 We see an increase in boot space in the events in cooperation with residents. This online resources and create a database of subcontracting community where entrepreneurs know each other activities and can become partners, which ultimately creates more revenue.

 Private industrial parks are indeed developing better state because:

- have a high drive for results party

mobile in decision-making,

- react faster to changing market needs.

Consequently, the development of private industrial parks residents in times above, than to develop the industry average. For comparison, output per worker in the industry is 1 million rubles, and in private industrial Park it is equal to 3 million.

 We see the future of private industrial parks, developing this area in their country and create prepared sites for industrial enterprises of small and average business.
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