Предприниматель Удмуртии-2014

Entrepreneur Udmurtia-2014

on Tuesday 21 July 2015 was the final of the competition "Businessman of the Udmurt Republic"-2014, in which we participated from the face of the Industrial Park "Development"

the Competition was held in ten nominations, among which the most popular are: "Manufacturing", "Wholesale and retail trade", "Agriculture", "food service", "Social entrepreneurship".

among the winners are enterprises of small and average business of the Republic: "Sports guide", "Radio", "Acetyl", "Express-tour" (Votkinsk), "Kakmozh-1" (Vavozhskoe district), "Navigo", NGO "Hydraulic", furniture company "Mother" (Glazov), network of pensions, "Golden autumn".

"Creating a favorable business environment is a priority state task set by President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the regions, - noted in his speech, the Head of Udmurtia Alexander Soloviev. In the Udmurt Republic was 54.4 thousands of businesses. This is more than 76% of all economic entities. It employs about a quarter of the total employed population of the Republic."

the Industrial Park "Development" fully supports this position and we are always ready to offer its residents high quality of the production area to start, continue or expand his business.

According to the Head of SD, in 2014, only financial measures of state support of small and medium enterprises in the region benefited nearly 1,800 companies for a total amount of 1.2 billion rubles From the Federal budget on support of entrepreneurs was attracted by RUB 227 million, and this year – already 183 million

in addition, said Alexander Solovyov, the Republic passed a law on zero tax rate for newly registered entrepreneurs for 2 years from the date of registration. It should stimulate the creation of enterprises in the industrial, social and scientific fields.

the head of the Republic instructed the government to elaborate UR question about the development of the project, a separate regional law on the reduction of tax rates.

"We must do everything necessary to enable you to fully realize your potential, which is essential to the development of the country and the Udmurt Republic" - addressed to businessmen Alexander Soloviev.

By the way, Industrial Park "Development" is a quality industrial site for entrepreneurs and innovators. For you, an experienced management company, the collective use center with high-tech machines and preferential rents.

visit us and see for yourself!

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