С Днем Строителя!

The Day Of The Builder!

С Днем Строителя! С Днем Строителя!
Those who build this world in the truest sense of the word, all the best wishes and congratulations! Go forward in your strong desire to change for the better in this world, all around you, let them help in word and deed. Interesting objects, worthy remuneration and full speed ahead! The day of the Builder!

As for our cards used a remake of the famous "Breakfast of builders", which depicts eleven workers eating at the height of 200 meters. According to official data, is the level 70 floor skyscraper of the future business center of the Rockefeller Foundation. No one in the photo is not worried about their safety: people just sitting on the metal beam, and their feet hanging in the air. Such courage can be the envy of even the roof of a sixteen-house seems to be top of the world.
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