Внимание, конкурс!

Welcome to the contest!

Industrial Park "Development" holds a competition for the purchase of high-tech equipment in the Center for Collective Use. All those interested can submit their applications for the necessary machines and equipment. The Park management will review and discuss, and then will assist in the acquisition. These machines become the property of the Industrial Park and residents have the right to use them.

The best part is that it is this tender applies to non-residents of the Park. All interested manufacturers, Industrialists, manufacturers and even start-UPS can participate and submit their applications. The procedure of residence is issued in case of positive consideration.

The subsidy of 80 million.

Requests for equipment are drawn up in free form with company details and contact person e-mail: park@most-dvlp.ru.

Welcome until September 15, 2015 (16:00 inclusive.)

Details by phone: +7(3412)911-985, 911-217
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