Торжественное открытие Индустриального парка "Металлургический"

The Grand opening of the Industrial Park, "Metallurgical"

Торжественное открытие Индустриального парка "Металлургический" Торжественное открытие Индустриального парка "Металлургический" Торжественное открытие Индустриального парка "Металлургический" Торжественное открытие Индустриального парка "Металлургический"
17 November at 16:00 at the Votkinsk highway, 298, in the presence of Minister of economy of UR, Minister of industry and trade of the SD, head of the city administration and residents of the network of industrial parks will take place the official opening of the first in the Republic of Industrial Park of class "A".

The Industrial Park project, "Steel" was realized thanks to the success of the previous Industrial Park "Development".

Guests will be able to see the first in the country industrial Park Greenfield (new construction). The location of the site – Votkinskoe shosse 298 chosen land has direct access to the main city motorway, where open basic logistics.

The design capacity of the production and logistics complex "Metallurgical" will be 70 000 square meters and will accommodate the most modern high-tech production line. In the Park created a modern infrastructure: electrical substation, gas, own boiler rooms, convenient access roads. The project implementation will allow to create about 700 new jobs. In 2017, will continue the construction of the second and third stage housing, and in the future industrial Park, "Steel" will be released on the targets: not less than 0,74 billion rubles of tax deductions, at least 6.2 billion in annual revenues.

"We strive to create objects of high investment quality-oriented development of economy and infrastructure in the city, which subsequently influence the country as a whole", – said the Director of the Industrial Park "Metallurgical" Mikhail Romashov.

About the Network of industrial parks in Izhevsk:

The first and second Industrial parks (Industrial Park "Development" Industrial Park "it works"), under the management of the Industrial Park "Development" belong to the type of Brownfield and consists of restored buildings in the Central production site. Deryabina 2/01. More than 37 residents, entities large, medium and small businesses, the aggregate turnover of which is 17.1 Billion. rubles. They created 6735 jobs. On this site you have already created the Center for collective use of high-tech equipment and Training center training for operators and maintenance personnel of CNC machines.

The whole network of industrial parks works on the principle – "I Came, and began to work."

ATTENTION! Input lists.For all who want to attend the event - prompt the phone to record: +7(3412)917-217.
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