Квест: Какой ты инвестор сегодня?

Quest: What an investor today?

Квест: Какой ты инвестор сегодня?
Especially for investors we have developed a quest that will help you to make the investment!

Click on the picture, answer the questions, and determine what you really want to buy!

What you might get:

1)"Classics of the genre" - business with a stable income and a popular location. Address: St. Deryabina 3/36 (1071 sqm)

2)"Freedom in a big way" - investment land next to the pond! Order, that wish. Address: Volozhka, per Country (2.5 Ha).

3)"Hit sales" - the production of class "A". Square that are in demand constantly. Address: Votkinskoe shosse 298 (from 756 sq. m.).

4)a Nice bonus - free month of rent at any of our office space. Address: K. Marksa 23a (40 sqm).

For advice on each object you can contact our managers by phone.: +7(3412)230-444, 230-222.

Play! Do not deny yourself the pleasure!
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