Конкурс на оформление фасада БЦ "Мост"

The competition for the decoration of the facade of BTS "Bridge"

Конкурс на оформление фасада БЦ "Мост" Конкурс на оформление фасада БЦ "Мост" Конкурс на оформление фасада БЦ "Мост"

on the competition for the best design

the facade of the building for the business center "Bridge".

1. General provisions.

1.1. The competition for the best decoration of the facade is performed for BC "Bridge", targeted benchmark, Izhevsk, K. Marksa str., 23a (the "Contest").

1.2. The organizers of the Competition is OOO "Upravlyayuschaya Kompaniya Bridge" (hereinafter – LLC "UK Bridge").

2. The goals and objectives.

2.1. The aim of the competition:

the definition of a contractor, provide for high artistic and professional level idea of the design of the facade of the building business center "Bridge".

2.2. The objectives of the competition:

- to develop the concept design of the facade of a building of small architectural forms in order to make the building visible and memorable for visitors and residents of the city;

- encourage non-standard, creative approach to the design of industrial zones;

- formation of positive public opinion and increase the prestige of the business center.

3. Terms and conditions of the competition.

3.1. In competition can take part the design of the organization at all levels of the city of Izhevsk:

3.2. The participants up to 22.02.17 G. pass design projects with visualization ideas for the design of the facade in the free form to the email address park@most-dvlp.ru.

3.3. The results of the contest will be held 28.02.17 g.

3.4. The results of the contest are selected by the expert Commission approved by the order of OOO "UK Bridge".

4. Evaluation criteria

4.1. The contest winner will be determined on a 5-point system.







Selection criteria points 



The expressiveness and integrity of design (integrated design, "readability" from the bridge)



Originality and aesthetics in the design



The use of small architectural forms



The possibility of realization of the project


The mandatory condition is observance of requirements of fire and technical safety.

6. The results of the contest, rewarding.

6.1. The winner is awarded a prize of $ 15,000 (fifteen thousand) rubles 00 kopecks by transfer of money resources on the settlement account.

6.3. The results of the competition tables will be published 01.03.17 on the official website of OOO "UK Bridge" and social networks.

Photos attached of the location in news, or download Position.



Location address: Izhevsk, K. Marksa str., 23a, BC "Bridge"

note to Customer: as the building is located under the bridge, when travelling by car – in the eye catches the roof and roof installation.
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