Противопаводковые мероприятия

Flood prevention

Противопаводковые мероприятия

I appeal to You with a reminder of the need for flood control operations for safe passage of the spring period of active snowmelt.

Next week according to weather forecasts expected zero temperature, so to take care of their buildings and premises.

Businesses and organizations located in the area of flooding it is necessary to lift all the material and commodity values to a height of not less than 1.5 meters. It is also recommended to remove the cars from the garages that fall into the area of flooding, in particular in the case of an object placed on K. Marksa 23a.

On the website of Izhevsk posted a memo about the actions of the population in a flood.

Receiving and responding to the address of citizens is a Unified dispatching service of the city of Izhevsk: 57-25-12, 57-21-14, 01, mobile link 101, 112.
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