Делегация предприятий Италии и Словении посетит с деловым визитом Удмуртию

The delegation of the enterprises of Italy and Slovenia will make a business visit to Udmurtia

Делегация предприятий Италии и Словении посетит с деловым визитом Удмуртию
From 09 to 11 October 2017 will host a business visit of the delegation of Italy and Slovenia in the Udmurt Republic. The purpose of the event is to develop long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation between enterprises of small and average business of the Udmurt Republic and Italy/Slovenia. The event was organized by the export support Center of UR, with the support of the Ministry of economy of the Udmurt Republic.

Today Italy is a perspective trade partner of Republic of Udmurtia. According to the Analytical portal of JSC "REC", the average gain in exports of the Udmurt Republic in the Republic of Italy for the last three years amounts to more than 15%. In the main categories of the structure of exports included: plastics and articles thereof furniture, lighting and sound equipment, wood products, etc.

The composition of the foreign delegation includes representatives of Italian business incubators and technology parks, associations in the sectors of energy, construction, medical and zootechnical research, as well as companies in the production of food, packaging materials and restaurant business.

Program of the business visit of 10 October 2017 09.00-13.00 scheduled to hold a round table and contact business exchange with the members of the delegation of Italy/Slovenia, and representatives of industry associations of the Udmurt Republic, enterprises of small, medium and large businesses with the presentation of the export and investment potential of the Udmurt Republic.

We invite you to participate enterprises of the Udmurt Republic in the following areas:

·         construction;

·         energy.

·         innovative technologies and projects;

·         food industry, etc.

Also during the visit, entrepreneurs of Italy and Slovenia will visit a number of enterprises of the Udmurt Republic and get acquainted with the manufacturing capabilities of potential partners.

To apply for participation in the round table and visits to Your enterprise You can in the Centre of export support by phone.+7 (3412) 655-580, e-mail: udmexport@gmail.com
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