Форум "Ижевск инвестиционный"

Forum "Izhevsk investment"

Форум "Ижевск инвестиционный" Форум "Ижевск инвестиционный" Форум "Ижевск инвестиционный" Форум "Ижевск инвестиционный" Форум "Ижевск инвестиционный"
27 Feb for the first time in the capital of the Udmurt Republic held a forum "Izhevsk investment", which gathered more than 50 representatives of enterprises, organizations of small, medium and large businesses, individual entrepreneurs, banks, universities.

Opening the forum, the Head of Izhevsk Yuri Tyurin said: "Investment activity is an important direction in the work of the municipality. Today on the city's website izh.ru placed over 60 investment sites. Presents 20 projects that require additional investment. Compiled a database of the enterprises-subcontractors. Conducted business tours for business leaders of the neighboring regions. Annually approves the list of real estate for possible concession agreements. Organizations and enterprises are given financial support in implementing investment projects, exemptions from land tax, rent for land, subsidies for reimbursement of expenses for the organization and development of entrepreneurial activities and so on, for the last three years from the municipal budget to support SMEs allocated more than 10 million roubles. We are constantly moving forward, looking for new forms of work".

Director of OOO "Industrial Park "Development" Mikhail Romashov spoke about the possibilities of industrial parks established in the territory of Izhevsk, where entrepreneurs can in a short time to organize their own production, using the infrastructure created.

Andrey Petukhov, Director General of OOO "global", presented the project on creation of the investment platform, which will allow to unite investors, the business ideas and managers.

The forum was signed an Agreement of intent between the city Administration and the representative of the investment platform. Yuri Tyurin emphasized that the efficient operation of the investment platform will allow businesses to create or expand their production, attract investment, create additional jobs, and the city authorities, in turn, is ready to provide organizational and informational support.

Their investment projects presented Izhevsk Electromechanical plant "Kupol", Izhevsk mechanical plant, scientific-production centre "the Spring", Udmurt state University, Izhevsk state technical University, company "Solari".

The forum participants were able to communicate with representatives of enterprises, experts, to establish business contacts, to discuss the conditions of implementation of joint projects and to negotiate new encounters.
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