День российского предпринимательства

The day of Russian entrepreneurship

День российского предпринимательства
The Russian business day is a professional holiday of the business community. Installed 18 October 2007 Russian President Vladimir Putin (Decree No. 1381). At the same time adopted a new Federal law "About development of small and medium entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation", which entered into force on 1 January 2008. This law was developed with the direct participation of the business community – chamber of Commerce, the largest business associations  and the Moscow government.      

The establishment of the Day of Russian entrepreneurship and the adoption of the law was a landmark event for all small and medium-sized businesses. The development of the middle class in modern Russia,  creating equal opportunities of growth to every citizen, promoting business and public initiatives of citizens are just some of the tasks undertaken by a business and thanks to him. Professional holiday  Russian entrepreneurship aims to draw attention to the problems of business,  to raise the status and credibility of millions of people,  engaged in  of Economics and business, production of goods and services.

Special significance it has for employees of small and medium enterprises, constituting the support of the real sector of the economy. The very existence and development of an internally stable society is impossible without a unifying and connecting force, a role which successfully performs  entrepreneurship. Small and medium businesses thanks to its unique mobility and capacity for rapid development of new technologies is an indispensable element of the innovation economy. According to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the development of small and medium enterprises is not only one of the key conditions for renewal of the country, upgrading the economy, increase its stability, but in General our successful moving forward, the implementation of enormous creative, creative entrepreneurial capacity, which, of course, is our people (meeting of the State Council on development of small and medium business (Moscow, April 7, 2015).

Russian entrepreneurs ' day is celebrated annually on may 26. In the organization and conduct of activities of the professional holiday the active participation of unions of Russian entrepreneurs. Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation was the initiator of conferences, meetings, round tables, press conferences, exhibitions and presentations, workshops, seminars,  workshops, etc., dedicated to the Day of Russian entrepreneurship.

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