• Overview of private industrial Park

Общие сведения о частном промышленном парке

Overview of private industrial Park

the Main objective of the business project Industrial Park "Development" at St. Deryabina - creation of a complex commercial real estate with good infrastructure and communications, for small and medium industrial enterprises of Izhevsk, which will contribute to economic growth and industry development in the Udmurt Republic.

Achieving this goal, OOO "Industrial Park "Development" carries out by:


  • the renovation of old industrial area and located on it buildings, ensuring their compliance with the highest requirements of modern industries and business conditions;

  • the
  • offers the residents of the Park areas in the property or long term lease.
  • the formation of economically justified tariff policy to facilitate the residents of the Park maintenance of operating activities;

  • the
  • provide the residents of the Park services operation of engineering systems and communications, auditing, legal, consulting and other services
  • provide residents with opportunities for accelerated business development through the creation of the Industrial Park conditions and opportunities for collective use of high-tech equipment purchased and installed by the management company, OOO "Industrial Park "Development" in the interests of all the residents of the Park.

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