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  • the Room is of regular geometric shape 762,5 sqm;

  • the
  • energy Efficiency is the most stringent climatic requirements we laid in wall 150 mm insulation and 200 mm on the roof that is guaranteed to protect You in winter;

  • the
  • Floors withstand a load of 1,5 t/m2 - enough to not lay excess metal and not to make the project more expensive;

  • rooms are equipped with crane runways, with the possibility of placing a 5-ton crane beams. Mounted crane according to your need. Height to bottom of trusses – 8m, highest point – 10 m;

  • heating provided by 2 gas burner, equipped with Italian gas burners CUBINIGAS. The capacity of each of the heater 200 kW;

  • household water supply is made around the perimeter of the building. Each section is equipped with fully equipped with fire panels, up to the fire hoses;

  • Sewer pipe 160-100 mm diameter laid inside the flooring and have technological issues in each unit;

  • the
  • Mounted fire alarm system with the possibility of programming SMS to cell phones of responsible persons;

  • the
  • Opened 17 kW electrical capacity. It is possible to increase capacity up to 5 MW, the cost is roughly 1 kW 5,5 Tr;

  • the
  • Insulated-sectional gate (with dimensions of 4 x4,5 (h) m) are mounted in each of 4 blocks and is designed for the arrival of Euro-trucks. Next to each of the gates installed front metal insulated door;

  • 3 the Internet service provider. The attachment point is already inside;

  • For Your safety, equipped the facility and the surrounding area HD cameras, which provide full-time recording and store up to 2 months;

  • the Park is very conveniently located logistics: near Federal highway M7, 30 minutes from the city centre.;


  • Affordable installments.

  • the
  • Have the ability to enter into pre-lease agreements.


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