Твой малый склад - 108 кв.м. купить от собственника

Izhevsk, Novoazhimova 27
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Building a new warehouse in the Industrial Park "synergy".

the Building is planned under 2.5 small warehouses from 108 sqm to 648 sqm.


    You will receive:

  • New premises rectangular shape;

  • the
  • ceiling Height of 6 m will Allow you to optimize storage space of the product;

  • the
  • Sectional doors 4x3. 5m Cars will be able to go inside for relief;

  • the
  • Concrete floors with anti-dust coating under loads of up to 1,500 t/m2. You can use loader;

  • the
  • Autonomous boiler room and San.the node in each room;

  • the
  • Modern led lighting, bright night lighting of the site;

  • the
  • Roads with two way traffic and a convenient turn-platforms.

  • the
  • clock mode;

  • the
  • Security and video surveillance;

Freight transport in 15 minutes goes to regional highways. And thanks to the proximity to public transport - staff will get back to work!

Bonus! Your neighbors is a large logistics company ("PEC", "SDEK", "Vosvos", etc.) that will save You time and money on delivery/receipt of goods

We provide credit without a Bank!

And more! in 2020 the residents of Industrial parks UR receive the following financial incentives:

1)5 years exemption from vehicle tax (except cars);

2)for 5 years exemption from tax on property of organizations in respect of property located in the territory of Industrial Park;

3)Reduce the rate of tax paid under the simplified system of taxation from 15% to 5% for organizations and individual entrepreneurs who have chosen as object of taxation incomes, reduced by size of expenses.

Call and see a video fly-around of the entire site:

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