Склад А класса - 375 кв.м. купить от собственника

Izhevsk, Novoazhimova 27
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    on the 1st floor;

  • Area of 375 m2.

  • the
  • Concrete floors with anti-dust coating under loads of up to 1,500 t/m2;

  • the
  • open undivided space offering a variety of flexible solutions;

  • the
  • ceiling Height 6 m;

  • the
  • Independent supply and exhaust ventilation system;

  • the
  • under the Gates-in a car with a landing stage, height 1.2 m;

  • the
  • To unloading and loading of motor transport a dock-shelters.

Great location - at the entrance to one of the most populated districts of Izhevsk. Next to the Federal grocery Tenant. The modern concept and spacious Parking.

Your customers and partners will be pleasantly surprised by the scope of Your business.


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